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Entry into Japan

Estonian citizens and citizens of other countries that have reciprocal visa exemption arrangements with Japan Short-Term Stay (up to 90 days)
Work or Long-Term Stay
Working Holiday Visa
Other nationalities Short-Term Stay (up to 90 days)
Work or Long-Term Stay

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Short-Term Stay (of 90 days or less)

Visa for Estonian citizens and citizens of other countries that have reciprocal visa exemption arrangements with Japan 

Japan had taken measures concerning the waiver of visa requirements with 69 countries and regions. Nationals of these countries and regions, including Estoniansare not required to obtain a visa to enter Japan for the period of 90 days or less for tourism, business, visiting friends or relatives, or other such purposes that do not involve remunerative activities.
On entry into Japan a traveller should possess a fixed-date, confirmed return or onward journey ticket, and any supporting documents, which can serve as evidence of the purpose of the trip (such as conference details, details of the host organization etc.). Furthermore, a traveller may be asked to show evidence of sufficient funds for the proposed period of stay in the country.
Please note: Persons from countries and regions with visa exemption must still apply for a visa, submitting the Certificate of Eligibility, if they stay in Japan longer than 90 days or engage in paid activities. Please see Work or Long-Term Stay

Visa for other nationalities

For visa requirements for citizens of other countries, please see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Foreigners can apply for visa in Estonia if they have a valid Residence Permit of Estonia or a long-term visa. 
Alien's passport holders (persons of undefined citizenship) who reside in Estonia can apply according to the requirements of  "other nationals".

Work or Long-Term Stay

You need to apply for a visa, submitting the Certificate of Eligibility, in the following cases:
- stays in Japan longer than 90 days
- paid activities*, even if the stay is shorter than 90 days
*paid activities: Activities for which applicants receive money from the Japanese side for the activity carried out in Japan. Expense allowances may not be considered as payment, but the decision on this is the sole responsibility of the Japanese Embassy or Consulates General.

About the Certificate of Eligibility, please see the website of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.
From 17 March 2023, foreign nationals can receive the Certificate of Eligibility via email. In addition, foreign nationals can apply for visa and landing permission by presenting this email in person. Those who have a paper Certificate of Eligibility may submit a copy thereof.

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • 35 mm x 45 mm passport-type photo(s) taken within the previous six months*
  • Official visa application form- available at the Embassy and on the website *
  • Certificate of Eligibility

Applicants who are not Estonian citizens must submit their Estonian Residence Card or a long-term visa.
*The number of photos and application forms required depends on the nationality of the applicant. Estonian citizens have to submit one application form with one photo. Please see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan or contact the Embassy for detailed information. 

Working Holiday Visa

About Working Holiday Visa, please see here.

Visit Japan Web

 Visit Japan Web is an online service for immigration, customs and duty-free shopping.

Visa Fee

Foreigners who obtain a visa for Japan must pay a visa fee (20.00 EUR for a single entry visa as of 01.04.2024). In the case of applicants from countries with reciprocal agreements with Japan, fees are reduced or exempted. For example, Estonian and Russian nationals and nationals of CIS countries do not have to pay a visa fee under reciprocal agreements, Alien's passport holders must pay the fee.

Contact Information

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