About Japan


Brief Information about Japan

Capital: Tokyo
Climate: Temperate
Currency: Yen (JPY)
Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress: Naruhito and Masako
Emperor Akihito acceded to the throne as the 125th emperor of Japan in 1989.
The Emperor is the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people.
Prime Minister: Shinzo Abe
Administration: Cabinet Office and 11 Ministries and agencies under a prime minister
Legislature: House of Representatives (480 members), House of Councilors (242 members)
Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Summary Courts and Family Courts
Education: Compulsory through elementary school (6 years) and junior high school (3 years) 
National Anthem: Kimigayo 
National Flag: Hinomaru
Language: Japanese
Population: 127,540,000 (as of November 2012)
Measurement: Metric system
Land Area: 377,954 sq Km