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General Information

  • Discuss Japan - Japan Foreign Policy
    Discuss Japan was launched to disseminate viewpoints and arguments relating to Japan with the aim of deepening international understanding of Japan and heightening its international presence.
    Discuss Japan
  • Web Japan
    Web Japan was launched with the aim of helping people around the world get to know more about Japan and the Japanese. The site provides highly reliable information on Japan across many different genres including culture, sightseeing, society, history and nature.
  • Trends in Japan
    Engaging dispatches on the latest and hottest trends in Japan like Fashion, Lifestyle, High-Tech, Pop Culture, Food & Travel, Street Style.
  • Japan Fact Sheet
    Concise introductions of Japan, from economy to sports and culture.
  • Japan Links
    Comprehensive directory of useful websites of governmental bodies and others.
  • Nipponia
    A quarterly magazine introducing contemporary Japanese culture and society.

Travel Information


Interesting TV programs

  • NHK World
    NHK World provides you with lots of updated and various information about Japan
    Suchs as "Newsline" (Hourly news updates featuring current affairs from Japan, Asia and around the world, business news, and global weather forecasts), "JAPAN 7 DAYS" (weekly news program that investigates what has been happening in Japan during the past week and presents up-to-the-minute reports on Japanese politics, economy, society and culture), as well as traditional and trend programs (Exclusive Gardens of Kyoto, & Cool Japan)