21 Japan-related books donated to the Saare County Central Library by the Read Japan Project

On April 5, Ambassador Matsumura attended a ceremony of book donation by the Read Japan Project in the Saare County Central Library. 
This project is conducted by the Nippon Foundation with the assistance of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research to promote understanding of Japan through donation of Japan-related books in English to universities and libraries.

On the same day, Ambassador Matsumura visited Saaremaa Gymnasium, where he met with the Principal, Mr. Visak, and the students. At this school, students can learn Japanese language and culture if they take an elective course. On this occasion, Ambassador Matsumura explained about Japan and later answered questions from the students.

Saaremaa Municipality has close ties with Japan, having signed an MoU with the Japanese city of Uda last year.
We hope that this donation of books will further deepen the relationship between Japan and Saaremaa.