The JET Programme

Applications for the 2018 JET Programme


Applications for the 2018 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme for Saku City in Japan are OPEN!
Please note that applications for the Estonian candidates are open ONLY for 2018 and for the teaching position in Saku City in Japan.

For further information about the JET Programme "The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme" visit

Schedule from application to departure:
Application deadline - 9th of March
First stage of screening process (written applications)- from 12th of March to 28th of March
Announcement of results (first stage) - 29th of March
Second stage of screening (interviews) - 6th of April
Announcement of results (second stage) -  6th of April
Notification of selection from Tokyo - May
Departure to Japan - 5th of August
Application Guidelines:
2018 JET Programme Guidelines
Application and Corresponding Forms:
2018 JET Programme Application Form
2018 JET Programme Self-Report of Medical Condition(s)
2018 JET Programme Certificate of Health
2018 JET Programme Statement of Physician

Chart Sheet:
Estonian applicants should only refer to Chart 4 (Academic Specialisation) when completing their application.
2018 JET Programme Chart Sheet

For further information please contact