Ambassador KITAOKA visited the main store of “Woolish”, the highest quality brand of wool products in Estonia

Together with the fourth President, Mr. Eigo SIIMU
Woolish, Estonian brand of wool products
On 4th May, Ambassador KITAOKA visited the main store of “Woolish”, which is known as the highest quality brand of wool products in Estonia.
The store is located in a beautiful old town of the capital city, Tallinn.
He was escorted by two Embassy staff, Mr. Tomoya SHIGENARI, a Second Secretary in charge of economic affairs and Mr. Hiroshi TAKENAKA, Researcher.
Ambassador was welcomed by the President, Mr. Eigo SIIMU, and his wife Anna, and had a meeting with them, discussing the promotion of their sale into the Japanese market.
“Woolish” enjoys the history of more than 100 years, and its origin dates back to 1890’s, when Ms. Hilda VALDRE started making sweaters.
In 1928, her factory was opened in Viljandi, in the southern part of Estonia, and the factory has been operating since then.
Nowadays, under the fourth President, Mr. Eigo SIIMU, “Woolish” is expanding its business internationally by using on-line shopping.
“Woolish” has been introduced also into Japan by the project “ehe* estonia. born from nature”, funded by Enterprise Estonia, last year at “IDÉE SHOP, Jiyuugaoka”, and this year at “hickory03travelers”, at their respective events on Estonian products, where “Woolish” enjoyed good reputations.
At their factory, knit machines of Japanese “Shima Seiki” are used, and many of their products are distinguished by holding Japanese names of people or places like “Maiko”, “Takashi”, “Oita”, “Kochi” etc.
Ambassador said, ““Woolish” products have a design with delicacy, wearing a distinctive atmosphere, which could be favored by the Japanese, especially by the Japanese women”.
And Mr. SIIMU said that he is feeling big potential in the Japanese market.
“Woolish” products are available also in Japan by using on-line shopping.
Please browse by internet, if you are interested!