Ambassador KITAOKA visited “VIVEO”, an Estonian enterprise, heading towards the most advanced in online provision of insurance & medical services

Together with Mr. KIKAS, Head of Business Development and Mr. KÄLLO, CEO
On 26th August, Ambassador Hajime KITAOKA visited “VIVEO”, an Estonian enterprise located in Tallinn, heading towards the most advanced in online provision of insurance and medical services.
He was escorted by Dr. Hiroshi TAKENAKA, Researcher of the Embassy and a medical doctor.

The Ambassador was welcomed by Mr. Raul KÄLLO, CEO and Mr. Robert KIKAS, Head of Business Development, and their briefing on the activities of “VIVEO” started at its conference room.
The enterprise was founded in 2017.
Its original goal is the optimization of insurance business by online service provision.
“VIVEO” has succeeded in reducing the loss ratio of insurance companies significantly.
Now this system has been expanded to the inclusive services by combining insurance services with medical services, which will be provided online in the optimized manner.
Their business has been extended, beyond Estonia and Baltic countries, to far countries like India or Mexico.
And now in Japan, their pilot project is about to be launched in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Their online services have come to draw even more attentions as the result of the upsurge of COVID19 infection since last year.
To receive their services, no special hardware or downloading of software like applications is necessary.
Only by making an access to the site of “VIVEO”, using smartphones, pads or PCs, it becomes possible to receive their services online.
The Ambassador praised “VIVEO”, saying “as the result of COVID19, it becomes more and more difficult to receive services face-to-face. Here lies the big potential of online provision of services”.
The Ambassador, so far in Estonia, has come across so many things, which are so “futuristic” with such excitements, and this visit gave the Ambassador another excitement to come across one more “futuristic” in the field of insurance and medical services!
He would like to express his sincerest gratitude to Mr. KÄLLO and Mr. KIKAS for accepting him in such a warm manner under COVID19!