Ambassador Kitaoka had a meeting with two Estonian entrepreneurs

On 12th December, Ambassador Kitaoka had a meeting with two Estonian entrepreneurs. Estonia is known as one of the countries, where startups are the most frequent in the world. They are Ms. Maria Lilje, owner of Japanese restaurant “SUSHIMON”, and Mr. Raul Allikivi, CEO of “Biiru”, exporting Japanese beer and sake.

Mr. Allikivi is also the author of a book “Challenges by Estonia, a futuristic country”, which became popular in Japan. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Ito, in charge of culture and public relations in the Japanese Embassy.

Before the meeting, there was a powerpoint presentation by the Ambassador entitled “Japan and the Emperor”. It was followed by a meeting to discuss the reality of startups in Estonia, and how to promote Japanese food further in Estonia. Ambassador said “two of you are materializing your dreams by startups. I sincerely want to see more Japanese entrepreneurs like you!”.  


Together with the invitees