Ambassador Kitaoka delivered a speech at the ceremony “50th Anniversary of Estonian Judo Association”

On 7th December, Ambassador Kitaoka made his third visit to the City of Tartu to attend the ceremony “50th Anniversary of Estonian Judo Association”.

Ambassador, in his speech, congratulated Mr. Aavo Põhjala, the President of the Association, and Mr. Tõnu Lume, the Honorary President of the Association. Ambassador also expressed his congratulations to Mr. Riho Rannikmaa, whose contribution to Estonian Judo was well recognized, and the award was given to him from the Association.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Kaido Höövelson, who is a member of the National Parliament (Riigikogu), and he celebrated Estonian Judo and the Association. Mr. Höövelson, once in Japan, showed a great performance as a Sumo wrestler “Baruto”! The ceremony finished in very much lively atmosphere.


Congratulating the Estonian Judo Association

With Baruto (Mr. Höövelson) at the ceremony