Bulletin for the 11th Speech Contest in Japanese Language

                    Eesti Jaapani Keele Õpetajate Ühing
1. Promoter:   Eesti Jaapani Keele Õpetajate Ühing  
  Sponsorship:Jaapani Suursaatkond
                          Japan Foundation
           Japan Airlines
           Jaapani Kultuuri Koda
           Falcon Japan OÜ
2. Date and Time: 8th of March (Fri) in 2019, 14:00 - 16:30 [prearranged date]
3. Location:Tallinn Järveotsa High school (Tallinna Järveotsa Gümnaasium)
4. Time required: Within 2.5 hours, including Speeches, Judging Speeches, Announcement of the Results, and Distribution of Prizes.               
5. Qualifier:All inhabitants in Estonia whose mother tongue is not Japanese
6. Speech Level and Classification of the Participants
1)     Primary Level:  Below the level of N3 of old type of Japanese Language
                                          Proficiency Test aka JLPT (NIHONGO-NOURYOKUSHIKEN)
2)     Intermediate Level: Around the level of N2 of JLPT.
3)     Advanced Level:   Above the level of N2 of JLPT and/or any person who has experience of studying Japanese Language in any kind of educational institution in Japan over 10 months
Every applicant may select the Level which he/she want to participate at will.
However, the Promoter has the right to give the instruction to every applicant to allocate which Level he/she should join by judging from his/her application.
7.Speech Hours/Person
1)  Primary Level:                          Each participant  3-4 Minutes
2)  Intermediate Level:                        Each participant  3-5  Minutes
3)  Advanced Level:                         Each participant  4-6 Minutes
8. Theme:
 Any subject is available
9. Prizes:
Helsinki-Japan-Helsinki round-trip air plane ticket (by Japan Air Lines)
Japanese Calligraphy Set
Tea set for tea ceremony
10. Deadline for the application: the application must reach us by 22nd February (Fri) in 2019  without fail.
11.  Contact:
      “Japanese Language Teachers Association in ESTONIA”
      c/o H.Sonobe  Ilumetsa tee 16, Kopli küla, Rae vald, 75321, Harjumaa
      E-Mail:  sonobe_hiroyuki@hotmail.com