Ambassador KITAOKA participated on live in “Osaka × Estonia Smart City Seminar”, connecting Tallinn and Osaka by internet

A Lecture by the Ambassador KITAOKA
“Report from Estonia Challenges by Estonia, the most digitized country”
On 19th December, amid the COVID-19 becoming more and more serious, Ambassador KITAOKA participated in “Osaka × Estonia Smart City Seminar” on live from Estonia.
This Seminar connected Osaka and Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, by internet, and was attended by some 250 audience, who are students and graduates.
Ambassador delivered a lecture entitled “Report from Estonia: Challenges by Estonia, the most digitized country” by using power point presentation.
He tracked the history of the digitization of Estonia, and concluded saying “the most important reason for the success of digitization by Estonia is not her technology, but the trust of the Estonian nationals for digitization, successfully gained by the Estonian government”.
This Seminar was hosted by the research office of Kinki University Faculty of Business Administration Professor, Yukio KODONO, and was co-hosted by the Embassy of Estonia in Japan.
The actual planning and management were conducted by “Osaka Wellness Team”, the students belonging to Prof. KODONO’s seminar, and the Ambassador was very much impressed by their meticulous management.
The participation of the Ambassador in this Seminar materialized by the kind introduction of Mr. Makoto SUHARA, Special Assistant to the Estonian Ambassador in Japan, and one of the most trusted friends of the Ambassador KITAOKA.
Ambassador KITAOKA would like to express his most sincere gratitude for giving him such a precious occasion to Mr. SUHARA and Prof. KODONO!
“Osaka × Estonia Smart City Seminar”