Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka paid a visit to Saku Municipality

On 23rd October, Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka visited Saku Municipality, which is the sister city for Saku City in Japan, which is sharing the same name! From the Japanese Embassy, Mr. Matsumura, the Counsellor and Mr. Ito, a Second Secretary accompanied.

The relationship of the two cities has been promoted from “friendly cities” to “sister cities” in May this year. It was followed by the visit of the Mayor of the Japanese Saku City, Mr. Yanagida, to the Estonian Saku Municipality in July to sign the agreement to host the Estonia Olympic Team next year. Then in August this year, the Estonian Judo Team was hosted by the Japanese Saku City.

This is a clear demonstration that the bilateral friendship between those two cities has been growing at a rapid speed!
Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka attended the luncheon hosted by Mr. Marti Rahemaa, the Mayor of the Saku Municipality and Mr. Tiit Vahenomm, the Chairman of the Rural Municipality Council at the Manor House, which is enjoying the history of 200 years.

Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka was impressed by the time-honored interior of the Manor House. The luncheon was followed by the visit to the Gymnasium, whose renovation has been completed recently, where Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka met the youngsters studying further the subjects they are interested in outside of school.Ambassador said “to give the youngsters this kind of chance to study further is the most important for the regional promotion”, praising the strategy of the Saku Municipality in Estonia.
                          Lunch hosted by the Mayor of Saku Municipality and the Chairman of the Council                                      Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka visiting the Saku Gymnasium