Ambassador Kitaoka visited Paldiski


Ambassador Kitaoka had a meeting with the Mayor of the West Harju Rural Municipality

On 5th December, Ambassador Kitaoka visited West Harju Rural Municipality, which is located 50 km west of Tallinn, the Capital City. The Ambassador was escorted by two Embassy staff, Mr. Shigenari, in charge of economic affairs, and Mr. Ito, in charge of cultural affairs and public relations. This visit was arranged by Ms. Helen Uus, the Chairperson of Esonian NPO “Diplomatic Relations Project”.
Ambassador had a meeting with the Mayor of the West Harju Rural Municipality, Mr. Jaanus Saat at his office located in Paldiski, which is the center of the West Harju Rural Municipality.
Ambassador was very much pleased to hear that one Japanese student studied in Paldiski Gymnasium, and that the local relationship with the Russian speaking residents is good in the Municipality.
Together with the Mayor of the West Harju Rural Municipality                    Meeting with Mayor of the West Harju Rural Municipality

Ambassador Kitaoka also visited Paldiski City Gymnasium to introduce Japan, and enjoyed talks with students

Ambassador inspected the Gymnasium of Paldiski City, which is the center of West Harju Rural Municipality, with the guidance of Ms. Enel Pärs, Assistant Director.
It was followed by Ambassador’s power-point presentation, “Japan, Mysterious Island Country“ to introduce Japan to the students. Ambassador explained the decline of the population, which Japan is facing now. He concluded his presentation, saying that “in order to make the society more efficient, Japan is eager to learn from Estonia”. Many questions were asked by the students, which pleased the Ambassador.
He told Ms. Pärs “I was impressed by the intelligent questions asked by students, and also by their high English language capability”, and highly acclaimed the Gymnasium.
Presentation “Japan, Mysterious Island Country“                            Together with the students

Ambassador Kitaoka attended a lunch hosted by the CEO of “Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs”

Ambassador attended a lunch hosted by the CEO of “Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs”, Ms. Ester Tuiksoo.
It has become a very precious occasion for the Ambassador to get a briefing on the rapid development of West Harju Municipality and its center, Paldiski.

Together with the CEO of “Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs”

Ambassador Kitaoka also visited “Paldiski South Harbor”

Ambassador Kitaoka visited “Paldiski South Harbor”, which is the second biggest cargo harbor in Estonia, owned by a national enterprise “Port of Tallinn”.
Ambassador’s visit started with a courtesy call to Captain Andres Kungla, the harbor master, which was followed by the briefing by Mr. Margus Vihman, Chief Commercial Officer.
Then Mr. Üllar Raad, Managing Director of “ESTEVE”, which is loading and unloading at the harbor, introduced the harbor by his own driving.
For the Ambassador, it has become a precious occasion to reconfirm the Estonia’s merit, good access to the Baltic Sea!

Meeting with the representatives of “Paldiski South Harbor”