World-famous pianist, Mr. Izumi TATENO took up Estonia in his essay!

Photo of the dinner in August
Ongaku-no-tomo, in which Mr. TATENO has been contributing essay
On 3rd August last year, a world-famous pianist Mr. Izumi TATENO, who is based in Finland and Japan, kindly paid a visit to Ambassador KITAOKA’s residence together with his wife, and entertained all the participants with many precious episodes over dinner (see details on our HP and FB on that date).
To a Japanese classical music magazine, “Ongaku-no-tomo (friends of music)”, Mr. TATENO has been contributing an essay entitled “light and wind in Haikupohja” in series, and October version of the magazine, he took up Estonia!
Together with his CD recording in Estonia, he so kindly introduced the dinner with a picture in the magazine.
Please read his essay, if you are interested!
Ambassador would like to express his sincere gratitude to Mr. Hideki OGAWA, who is the owner of “Eivere Manor House” and Japanese restaurant “Kamone Shokudo” in Finland for delivering the magazine to the Ambassador!