​Ambassador KITAOKA visited “Milrem Robotics”, developing the most advanced self-driving vehicle

Together with the participants
Logo of Milrem Robotics
On 24th November, Ambassador KITAOKA visited an Estonian company, “Milrem Robotics”, which has been developing one of the most advanced self-driving vehicles equipped with AI.
He was escorted by Mr. Tomotaka YOSHIMURA, a First Secretary in charge of general and political affairs at the Japanese Embassy.
This visit has materialized with the kind introduction of Mr. Tsubasa YOSHITO, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) Baltic States Correspondent, who also attended this visit.
The Ambassador, upon his arrival at the office and the factory of “Milrem Robotics”, located at the outskirts of Tallinn, the capital city, was greeted by Mr. Kuldar VÄÄRSI, CEO, Mr. Jüri PAJUSTE, Head of the Defence Research Department, and Mr. Hendrik TERRAS, Regional Sales Manager.
The visit started with the demonstration of “THeMIS”, the first model developed by “Milrem Robotics”, which took place in the precinct of its factory with actual maneuvers of the vehicle.
It was followed by the introduction of their second model “Type-X”.
Then the participants moved into the conference room of the office, where a briefing was given by Mr. VÄÄRSI and Mr. TERRAS.
Their self-driving vehicles are the hybrid of a diesel engine and a battery, enabling the battery to be charged by the engine while maneuvering, which saves time for charging.
On top, “silent-mode maneuvering” is possible by only using a charged battery.
And “THeMIS” is developed as multipurposed, usable both for military purposes and civilian purposes, like fire-fighting or nuclear accidents, when human approach is difficult and dangerous, by simply changing the equipment to be loaded on top of the vehicle.
Already “Milrem Robotics” is cooperating with a Japanese company to explore the possibility of exporting their vehicles to the Japanese market.
For the Ambassador, this visit to “Milrem Robotics” turned out to be a very precious occasion to learn the huge potential of the self-driving vehicles, which have been developed by Estonia, the leading developer in this field.