​Japanese Embassy held a meeting with JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and other distinguished guests

With the guests
On 9th March, the Japanese Embassy held a meeting at the Ambassador’s Residence to discuss how to strengthen the Estonian-Japanese relations in the academic research, inviting JSPS staff and other distinguished guests.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Takao Yoshihara, Deputy Director of JSPS Stockholm Office, and Mr. Kazuyoshi Izumi, Administrative Staff of the same Office. From the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Mr. Indrek Reimand, Deputy Secretary General, and Ms. Kristen Lahtein, Advisor, attended.
And from the Estonian Research Council, Ms. Siiri Kolka, Consultant, attended. 

The meeting was also honored to be attended by two JSPS Fellows: Prof. Toomas Asser, Honorable Rector of Tartu University, and Dr. Kadri Umbleja, Assistant of Tallinn University of Technology. From the Tallinn University, two Japanese, Ms. Akiko Masaki, a Japanese language teacher, and Dr. Shinya Sugita, conducting researches on Ecology, so kindly attended this meeting. From the Embassy, Ambassador Kitaoka, Mr. Matsumura, the Counsellor, and Mr. Shigenari, a Second Secretary, attended.

The participants enjoyed the Japanese dishes cooked by Mr. Takaaki Arai, the official chef of the Ambassador, and exchanged opinions on the academic exchanges between Estonia and Japan.

Ambassador said “it is a pity that the Science and Technology Agreement has not yet been signed between our two countries. Only the accumulation of actual exchanges makes the Agreement possible, so I would like to ask for your support”.