Ambassador KITAOKA attended “Webinar on Estonia-Japan Cyber Security Cooperation” hosted by ICDS

Participants in the webinar
Title of the webinar
Amid the COVID19 crisis, which both Estonia and Japan are still suffering, ICDS (the International Centre for Defence and Security) hosted Webinar entitled “So Far, Yet So Close: Japanese and Estonian Cybersecurity Policy Perspective and Cooperation”.
It connected both of those countries by internet, and Ambassador KITAOKA was honored to participate in from Estonia.
From Japan, Mr. Jun OSAWA, Senior Research Fellow at Nakasone Peace Institute, Dr. Koichiro KOMIYAMA, Visiting Scholar at the Keio University Global Research Institute (G-SEC), and Ms. Atsuko SEKIGUCHI, Deputy Counsellor of International Strategy Group at the National Centre of Incident and Readiness and Strategy for Cyber Security (NISC) attended as panelists.
And from Estonia, Ms. Kadri KASKA, Head of Legal Branch at NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, and Ms. Anna-Maria OSULA, Senior Researcher at the Centre of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security of TalTech attended as panelists.

With the beautiful coordination of Mr. Henry RÖIGAS, Non-Resident Research Fellow at ICDS and Chief Strategy Officer at Sentinel, enthusiastic presentations and a panel discussion took place for one hour and 30 minutes.

In the sphere of cyber security, the Estonia-Japan cooperation is ongoing.
And this webinar turned out to be a very precious occasion for the Ambassador to reconfirm the potential of further promoting the existing cooperation in future.

On top, this webinar made Ambassador so nostalgic with a reunion with Mr. OSAWA on net, who once worked with the Ambassador 20 years ago at Nakasone Peace Institute (called Institute for International Policy Studies at that time).