【100 Years of Friendship Japan-Estonia】Event Endorsement Guidelines are open!

The official logo “100 Years of Friendship Japan-Estonia” (Those who wish to use are required to follow the guideline below)
Japan and Estonia celebrate 100 Years of Friendship in 2021. In order to celebrate this memorable year with as many people as possible and promote further exchanges between the two countries, the two governments will endorse a wide range of events to be held in Estonia. Organizers of such events endorsed will be entitled to use the official logo. The event endorsement guidelines are as follows.

1 Eligibility

(1) Events should aim to deepen mutual understanding and promote friendship between Japan and Estonia in various fields such as culture, art, sport, education, tourism, economy, science and so on.

(2) Events should take place in Estonia within the year of 2021. Those which take place in Japan are not eligible but on-line based events could be eligible on a case-by-case basis. 

(3) Events should not be deemed as follows; 
A Be against public policy
B Violate or may violate the laws of Japan or Estonia 
C Do not meet the purpose of the anniversary which intends to promote friendship between Japan and Estonia, or be deemed inappropriate as an endorsed event which could damage the friendly relations between the two countries
D Advocate any particular principle, ideology or religion.
E Show a lack of the publicness
F Be profit-oriented

2 Application Guideline

(1) The following documents should be submitted to the Embassy of Japan in Estonia by post or e-mail, 6 weeks prior to the planned event’s date at the latest.
Application Form for Event Endorsement
(Estimated) Balance Sheet of Income and Expenditure
D  Documents which describe an overview of the event such as;
/(In the case of exhibitions, etc.) Project plan, List of exhibition items
/(In the case of movies, dramas, etc.) Summary of works
/(In the case of public exhibitions, contest, etc.) Program, Application guideline
E  General description of the organizer
(a) List of the members of the board
(b) Articles of incorporation, or materials equivalent to rules and regulations, or bylaws
(c) History, past record, and activity details of the organizer
(d) (If the organizer and the applicant are different,) Document showing the relationship between the two parties, such as a copy of the contract
For government officials, diplomatic corps, consular organizations, international organizations, local municipalities, independent administrative agencies under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, submissions of (a), (b), and (c) can be exempted.

(2) The applications submitted to the Embassy will be reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, if appropriate. The Embassy will report the result of the review and send the digital data of the official logo to the organizer for the event endorsed so that the event will be entitled to use the logo. In this regard, the organizer is requested to submit all public relations materials using the logo to the Embassy before printing and obtain the permission of the Embassy.

3 Event Report

The organizer should submit the Event Report to the Embassy after completion. The content of the submitted report may be published in the Embassy's public relations materials.

4 Notes

(1) Notes on application
A The Embassy will not return application documents.
B If the application documents submitted are not sufficient, the Embassy may make inquiries or request additional materials.
C If the application is submitted within 6 weeks before the event is planned, or if the application documents are grossly incomplete, the Embassy may not review the application.
D The Embassy will not respond to any inquiries regarding the screening process.

(2) Notes on preparations
 A Even if the event is endorsed, the organizer is solely responsible for the event. The endorsement of the event does not mean either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan or the Embassy takes any responsibility.
 B In case of cancellation of the event or changes of the event from the original plan, the organizer is requested to report it to the Embassy immediately.
 C Endorsement may be revoked in the following cases.
   (a) Nothing is reported to the Embassy when the event is changed from the original plan.
   (b) When the details of the event content not included in the application documents are revealed later, or when the event is changed from the original plan and do not meet any conditions described in “1 Eligibility (3)” above.
   (c) When changing the aspect ratio, colour, or design of the official logo. Also, when using the official logo for purposes other than those endorsed.

(3) COVID-19
 The information related to this application is subject to change without notice depending on the latest situation of COVID-19.

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Tel: +372 6310 531
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