Ambassador KITAOKA invited two former Estonian Ambassadors in Japan to the residence

Together with H.E. Mr. TASA and H.E. Mr. LENSMENT
On 5th August, Ambassador KITAOKA invited to his residence H.E. Mr. Toivo TASA and H.E. Mr.Jaak LENSMENT, who worked as the Estonian Ambassadors in Japan in the past, and enjoyed conversations with them over dinner.

H.E. Mr. TASA worked in Tokyo between 2010 and 2014.
During his tenure, the visit by the Estonian President at that time, H.E. Mr. Toomas Hendrik ILVES to Japan materialized.

And H.E. Mr. LENSMENT worked in Tokyo between 2014 and 2018 as the predecessor of the present Estonian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Väino REINART.
During his tenure, the visit to Japan by the Estonian Prime Minister at that time, H.E. Mr. Taavi RÕIVAS, and the visit to Estonia by the Japanese Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Shinzo ABE materialized.
The latter visit has marked the first Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to Estonia.
Indeed, because of the devotions of those two, the basis of the present Estonian Japanese friendship has been set firm.

From the Embassy, Mr. MATSUMURA, the Counsellor, who has devoted himself to the Japanese diplomacy with Nordic and Baltic countries both abroad and Japan, and has already got acquaintance with those two guests, attended.

All the participants took their seats keeping enough distance from each other in the dining hall of the Ambassador’s residence, fully ventilated.
While enjoying Japanese cuisine, cooked by Mr. ARAI Takaaki, the official chef of the Ambassador, the participants discussed on how to promote the Estonian Japanese friendship further.
For the Ambassador KITAOKA, the dinner this time has come to be a very precious occasion to get many advices from those two veteran diplomats, who have deep knowledge both on Estonia and Japan.