Events that took place in 2016


October 4, 2016
School Visit program in Valga

On Tuesday, October 4th, Mr. Ato, First Secretary in charge of Culture and Information visited Valga Basic School and Valga Gymnasium and made a presentation  to the students and teacheres about Japan and Japan-Estonia relations.  It was followed by more personal accounts by Mr. Taavi Soorm, who talked about his experiences in Japan, where he was an exchange student at Waseda University.  The Embassy of Japan would like to thank Mr. Kalev Härk, Mayor of Valga and his staff for their warm and kind arrangement and hospitality. We hope this visit brought Japan closer to Valga.

Valga Valga Valga
Valga Mayor Mr. Kalev Härk giving Mr. Ato a presentation about Valga        At Valga Basic School            At Valga Gymnasium

September 7, 2016
Kyogen play by “Chuzaburo Shigeyama Family” troupe from Kyoto, Japan in Tartu

Yoshinobu Shigeyama, Kento Niijima and Craig Kingsley performed at full Athena Center, starting with an introduction to Kyogen theatre, followed by a small workshop and after the highlight of the evening – their comedy “Ne On Kyoku”, answered questions from the audience.
We are glad that you enjoyed the Kyogen-evening and this event helped you to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture.

Kyogen Kyogen
Actors with Audience                                             Yoshinobu Shigeyama and Kento Niijima

February 18, 2016
Lecture by Mr. Ryusuke Nanki “Japanese design:  its past, present and future” at TTK University of Applied Sciences

In Japan, traditional culture is well maintained, though it has always been reinterpreted from time to time.Young Japanese designer Ryusuke Nanki, who was educated as an architect, has successfully demonstrated how to reinterpret or “re-design” tradition in various mediums. He discusses this through his work, including his latest exhibition design for “L’art de Rosanjin” in Paris, and book design for the publication “Ikkoan”.

Mr. Ryusuke Nanki
1984 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2007 Graduated from Department of Architecture, Keio University, Shigeru Ban studio, Tokyo.
Has worked for Japanese international advertising and public relations company Dentsu, Tokyo office.
2014 Winner, Gold Award for the DSA Spatial Design Award
2015 Winner, Bronze Award for Adfest.

February 4, 2016
“The Spirit of Budo” Exhibition

On 4 February, “The Spirit of Budo – the History of Japan’s Martial Arts” opened at the Kiek in de Kök Museum. During the exhibition, which was opened until 10 April, specialists of various martial arts such as Karate, Iaido, Jujutsu and others, including lecturers from Tallinn University conducted demonstrations and delivered lectures on Japanese martial arts.  

Exhibition Opening