Events that took place in 2015

May 26
Japanese Drum Ensemble "Indra" Performs at the Japanese Garden
On 26 May, the Japanese Taiko (Drum) Ensemble “Indra” performed at the Japanese Garden in Kadriorg Park to open the programme of the International Festival Orient 2015. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed the concert at the Japanese Garden.
On 27 May, Ambassador Kai invited the members “Indra” to his residence for dinner with Member of Parliament and composer Mr. Imre Sooäär, conductor, Ms. Tiia-Ester Loitme, Festival organizers, sponsors, teachers and students of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as well as members of the Estonian Association of Former University Students in Japan. The guests all enjoyed the dinner and the opportunity to exchange views on music between the two countries.

                                  Concert at the Japanese Garden, Kadriorg Park                                                       Talk with Mr. Imre Sooäär 

All of the participants

March 16, 2015

Japanese Language Speech Contest
The 9th Japanese Language Speech Contest was organized by the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Estonia  at Tallinn University on Friday, March 13. Thirteen participants of three different levels made impressive speeches on "Japanese culture", "Memories of my trip to Japan", "Why I learn Japanese", "Japanese and Estonian Mythology", "Estonian Annual Events", etc.   We presented Ambassador’s Prize to the best speaker of each level. The Japan Foundation, the Japan Air Lines and the Japanese food shop "Momo" also supported the contest.

Winner of Advanced level, Mr. Mihkel Joasoo  Winner of Intermediate level, Ms. Viktoria Maiorova  Winner of Primary level, Ms. Loviisa Lindpere

March 14, 2015

Visit by the group of University of Tsukuba
On March 13th, Ambassador Kai invited the group of University of Tsukuba (18 members of students and professors) to his residence. The group came to visit Estonia mainly in the framework of exchange program with Tallinn University. They listened to presentations on the overview of Estonia including human resources needed in Estonia, and exchanged views afterward. The delegation also had an opportunity to meet and talk with two members of the Estonian Association of Former University Students in Japan, who previously studied in University of Tsukuba.

Left: A presentation about overview of Estonia
Right: Photo with the delegation

March 4, 2015

Culture Event "Experience Japan"  
On March 3rd when Hinamatsuri or "Doll-Festival" is celebrated in Japan, Ambassador Kai invited Estonian students to his residence that was decorated with a set of dolls in beautiful ancient court costumes and held a culture event "Experience Japan".  The students experienced such Japanese traditonal cultural activities as Ikebana, Origami, Shodo and Sushi-roll making in their workshops. Thank you for  joining us from Järveotsa Gymnasium, Lasnamäe Gymnasium, VHK (Old Town School), HTG (Hugo Treffner Gymnasium), Kuressaare Gymnasium, Narva Soldino Gymnasium, Narva Language Lyceum, Otepää Gymnasium, Pühajärve Basic School, Origami Club, JEL Language School, Sumo Club "Sakura".

        Welcome speech by Ambassador Kai                       Sushi-roll making workshop                                Ingrid Allik teaches Ikebana  

        Reet Reidak teaches Origami                                                 Shodo                                                                      Shodo

Group photo

A set of dolls in beautiful ancient court costumes

February 28, 2015

Japanese martial arts leaders of Estonia get together
On February 27, Ambassador Kai hosted a reception for Japanese martial arts leaders of Estonia at his residence. The representatives of martial arts in the fields of Sumo, Judo, Aikido, Iaido, Kobudo, Kendo and Karate including former Ozeki Baruto joined us and exchanged views on how to promote the bilateral relations through Japanese martial arts.

Baruto with Ambassador Kai and Mrs. Kai      Mr. Kaido Höövelson, Former Ozeki Baruto      Mr. Ranno Rannikmaa, Estonian Sumo Association

Mr. Rein Paluoja, Estonian Iaido Federation      Mr. Tarmo Jüristo, Estonian Kendo Association      Mr. Rein Ausmees, Tallinn Aikido Club Taikikai

Mr. Veljo Ipits, Estonian Judo Association    Mr. Rene Maajärv, Estonian Aikido Federation    Mr. Jaanus Rahumägi, Estonian Karate Federation

Martial arts leaders

February 16, 2015

Thank you for visiting us at Tourest 2015!
We are really happy that so many people visited our booth to see the Ikebana demonstration, participate in the Shodo workshop and enjoy the presentation by Miss International of Estonia, Miss Birgit Konsin, who was appointed as a” Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador” last November. Two staff members of Japan Air Lines, Helsinki also joined us  to promote the tourism.  In cooperation with volunteers of AniMatsuri and Sushimon, we organized  many other activities such as origami and sushi workshops at our booth. Thank you for all!

                 The Embassy´s Booth                                                                        Ikebana Demonstration by Ingrid Allik

              Shodo Workshop                                                  Presentation by Miss International of Estonia Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador

January 19, 2015

Lecture on Diplomatic Policy of Japan by Ambassador Kai 
On January 19, Ambassador Kai invited 26 people, lecturers and fellows of Estonian School of Diplomacy to his residence. Ambassador Kai gave a lecture on diplomatic policy of Japan and recent development of bilateral relations between Japan and Estonia. Afterwards, First Secretary Mr. Hayashi explained about recent Japan-Russian relations. Participants listened to the lectures with enthusiasm and asked a lot of questions. The fellows who attended this lecture were  mostly government officials from Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and private sector of Estonia.

         Left: Lecture by Ambassador Kai                        Right: Discussion after the lecture