Events that took place in 2014

November 13, 2014
Estonian Association of Former University Students in Japan is established
The "Estonian Association of Former University Students in Japan" was officially set up at the founding meeting held in the Residence of the Ambassador of Japan on  November 13, 2014. Since 1993 around 170 Estonians have studied in Japan, most of them as Japanese government scholarship recepients in Undergarduate, Master Degree or Doctor Degree level. Among the members of the Association various professions are represented – government officials, scientists, a sushi restaurant owner, IT engeneers, translators, business people, etc.
The meetings organized by the Association are an excellent way to keep close contact with Japan and find new business  networking  through Japan, speaking Japanese or listening to Japan-related lectures. Professor Rein Raud who is the leading scholar of Japanese studies in Estonia as well as in Europe, gave a special lecture at the founding meeting. Many fascinating events would be organized in the Association’s future activities.  Besides former students, the officials of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who have worked in the Embassy in Tokyo were also invited to the meeting.
Mr. Alari Allik, a lecturer of Tallinn University was elected Chairman of the Association.
Facebook page of the Estonian Association of Former University Students in Japan
Please feel free to share information about the association with anyone who has studied in Japan, but doesn´t know about the association yet.

   Ambassador Kai´s Greetings     Professor Raud giving a lecture and being congratulated on his role as the Honorary Member of the Association