Ambassador KITAOKA had a meeting with Mr. RAUDSEPP, President of “Enterprise Estonia” & its two Directors, Mr. KORK & Ms. TANAKA

Together with the participants
On 1st September, Ambassador Hajime KITAOKA invited to his residence, Mr. Peeter RAUDSEPP, President of “Enterprise Estonia”, a governmental organization promoting trade and investment, Mr. Kaspar KORK, Director of Estonian Investment Agency of “Enterprise Estonia”, and Ms. Kyoko TANAKA, Director of Estonian Investment Agency (in charge of Japan), who is stationing in Japan, and had a meeting with them.
From the Embassy, Ms. Yuki SAKAI, the Counsellor (Deputy Head of the Mission) and Mr. Tomoya SHIGENARI, a Second Secretary in charge of economic affairs accompanied.
Ms. TANAKA worked for an Estonian company “Realeyes”’s Japanese subsidiary as its Director, and “Realeyes” agreed with a strategic partnership with NEC of Japan.
After that, Ms. TANAKA joined “Enterprise Estonia”, and is expected to contribute to the promotion of the Estonia-Japan economic relationship further by making the best use of her wide ranged knowledge on the USA, the United Kingdom, Japan and Estonia.
The participants took a seat keeping distance with each other in a dining room, fully ventilated, and the dinner started.
There are a lot to learn for Japan, which has set up “Digital Agency” on 1st September, from Estonia known as the most digitized country, in order to accelerate the digitization.
The technologies like “blockchain” or “hackason”, an event to nurture entrepreneurship to create innovative products could be indispensable for the future of Japan, which has lost its dynamics as the result of too much bureaucracy both in the private and governmental sectors.
The participants enjoyed conversations over the authentic Japanese cuisine, cooked by Mr. Takaaki ARAI, the official chef of the Ambassador, who recently received “2021 Foreign Minister’s Commendation as Excellent Executive Chef for Ambassador of Japan”.
The dinner this time turned out to be a very precious occasion for the Ambassador to reconfirm the huge potential for the further promotion of the Estonia-Japan economic relationship, together with the other participants!
The Ambassador would like to express his sincerest gratitude to Mr. RAUDSEPP, President and the two Directors, Mr. KORK and Ms. TANAKA for kindly accepting his invitation!