​Wow! This is tasty! Let’s learn how to cook Japanese dish, which is so easy, from Mr. Takaaki ARAI, Official Chef for the Japanese Ambassador

Mr. Arai's cooking class
The Ambasaddor on the movie
Mr. Takaaki ARAI is the Japanese Ambassador’s official Chef, who must be familiar with you through his many appearances in Homepage and Facebook of the Japanese Embassy.
You might also remember his appearance in “RINGVAADE (Looking Around)”, a very popular TV program of ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting) on 31st March (see details on our HP and FB on that date).
This time, in the circumstances caused by COVID 19, where it is so difficult to enjoy dining out, he decided to introduce how to cook “simmered flatfish in sweetened soy sauce”, which is so easy to cook at home, and still you can enjoy traditional Japanese taste.
Of course, flatfish and soy sauce are so easy to get in Estonian markets.
This is exactly Mr. ARAI’s cooking, which is highly praised by Ambassador KITAOKA, known as a maniac of Japanese cuisine!
If you want to try, please follow the link to enjoy the video.
Introduction of the chef
Cooking simmered flatfish in sweetend soy sauce