Ambassador KITAOKA participated in "Chorus Exchange Event Online"

Online photo session with all participants
A cappella live performance by Vox Populi
On 17th October, Ambassador KITAOKA and Mr. Toshifumi ITO, Second Secretary in charge of culture and public relations at the Japanese Embassy participated in “Chorus Exchange Event Online” attended by choirs from Estonia and Japan. This exchange program is a great event in which the Japan-Estonia Friendship Association organized an online chorus exchange with Vox Populi, an Estonian young mixed chorus choir scheduled to visit Japan next year, and choirs from several regions of Japan.

The event was opened by a speech by Mr. Tadahiko YOSHINO, the President of the Japan-Estonia Friendship Association and followed by the introduction of each choir, a video screening of Mr. Veljo TORMIS’s 90th anniversary performance, a cappella live performance by Vox Populi, welcome greetings by Japanese choirs with their remarkable performance scenes, and concluded by closing remarks by Mrs. Kaire JÜRGENSON, the wife of the Estonian Ambassador in Tokyo.

Even though it was an online event, the lively atmosphere made the Ambassaador KITAOKA feel wonderful warmth, even here in Tallinn where the cold is getting more severe day by day. Thanking for the passionate initiative of the Japan-Estonia Friendship Association, we do hope that Vox Populi’s visit to Japan next year will be realized!
Welcome greetings by Japanese choirs
Closing remarks by the wife of Estonian Ambassador