Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka paid a courtesy call to Prof. Anu Raud, guardian of the Estonian Culture

On 11th October, the newly appointed Japanese Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka visited the Ermi Heimtali Museum, displaying the works of Mrs. Anu Raud, Professor Emeritus of the Estonian Academy of Arts, by the “Autumn Tour for the Ambassadors residing in Tallinn”, which was kindly arranged by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mrs. Raud is continuing her creative works of handicrafts, together with hosting workshops in order to protect and succeed the Estonian tradition.
Her work, co-authored by another “Anu”, Ms. Anu Kotli, was published in Japan with the translation by Ms.Kotomi Hayashi (see the picture below).
Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka enjoyed the precious materials and Mrs. Raud’s handicrafts, so lovely and so Estonian, displayed at the museum.
This visit has turned out to be the beautiful encounter with Estonia for the Ambassador and Mrs. Kitaoka, who have just arrived in their new post.