Canon Foundation Research Fellowships 2016

Canon Foundation Research Fellowships are open to highly qualified Europeans and Japanese researchers. Europeans must want to do their research in Japan and Japanese must want to do their research in Europe. Applications from all fields of research are welcome.


Candidates need to have obtained at least their Master’s degree within the past ten years.

Exceptional candidates who received their qualification more than ten years prior to application will also be considered. These candidates are required to provide further supporting information in their application. Non-nationals are required to have permanent citizenship in either Europe or Japan.


Fellowships are awarded for periods of at least three months up to a maximum of one year.

Application Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 (THURSDAY)

To apply, please visit Canon Foundation website and register for the online application form.

More information, terms and conditions are available here.



Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for 2017

The following scholarships are available for Estonian students:

Application deadline for all courses: JUNE 17, 2016 (FRIDAY)
Fully completed necessary documents should be submitted to the Embassy by this date directly or via Archimedes Foundation.

More Details and Application Forms:

Undergraduate Students

Application Form
Placement Preference Form
Health Certificate Form

Research Students

Application Form
Field of Study and Study Program
Placement Preference Form
Recommendation Letter Form
Acceptance Letter Form
Health Certificate Form

Specialized Training College Students

Application Form
Fields of Study
Health Certificate Form

College of Technology Students

Application Form
Fields of Study
Health Certificate Form

Further enquiries:


Scholarships, Exchange and Study Programs

Embassy of Japan in Estonia offers Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarships, various programs of the Japan Foundation and other exchange or study programs. These programs give the opportunity for the citizens of Estonia to travel to Japan for short or long term study tours, to receive an education or carry out research in Japanese universities. The main objective of these educational and exchange programs is to foster mutual understanding between Japanese and Estonians, to encourage better understanding of Japan and understanding of the benefits of international cooperation.
We encourage you to participate actively in all these programs.

MEXT (Japanese Government Mombu Kagakusho) Scholarship Programs

Six scholarship programs are available for Estonian citizens:

• Research Students (研究留学生)

• Undergraduate Students (学部留学生)

• Specialized Training College Scholarship (専修学校留学生)

• College of Technology Scholarship (高等専門学校留学生)

• Japanese Studies Students (日本語・日本文化研 修留学生)

• Teacher Training Students (教員研修留学生)

Please apply at the Embassy of Japan or Archimedes Foundation.

NOTE: The information of these programs might change each year.

Useful Information:

Study in Japan

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

Global 30 (Study in English at Japanese Universities)

MEXT Exam Questions from the Past

Japan Foundation