Ambassador KITAOKA bid farewell to H.E. Mrs. LIIMETS, the Foreign Minister

Farewell meeting to the Foreign Minister LIIMETS
Decoration for promoting the bilateral relationship
On 26th October, Ambassador Hajime KITAOKA visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bid his farewell to H.E. Mrs. Eva-Maria LIIMETS, the Minister.
The Ambassador was guided by Mr. Mati MURD, Counsellor for Asia and Pacific Region, into the conference hall of the Ministry.
This is such a memorable place for the Ambassador, where, just after his arrival in Estonia two years ago, exchanged diplomatic notes for working holiday visa with Mr. Rainer SAKS, Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry at that time, talking to each other “OK! this shall promote the bilateral exchanges further!”.
And the Foreign Minister came in.
She and the Ambassador, looking back the exchanges of the visits by VIPs, the Japanese Prime Minister ABE’s visit to Estonia in 2018, the Estonian Prime Minister RATAS’visit to Japan in 2020, and the Japanese Foreign Minister MOTEGI’s visit to Estonia this year, confirmed the importance of continuing these exchanges in future.
For that purpose, it was agreed to do their best to materialize Mrs. LIIMETS’ visit to Japan.
The Foreign Minister said that she shall be accompanied by a business delegation, when her visit to Japan will get materialized.
The Ambassador highly acclaimed the Foreign Minister’s remarks, and said “that is a wonderful idea! Prime Minister RATAS was also accompanied by a big business delegation, and he succeeded in promoting our business relationship further. If you follow this example, you can definitely make the same success”.
Then the Foreign Minister expressed her gratitude to the Ambassador for promoting the bilateral relationship in every field, including not only economy, but also cybersecurity, high technology, and culture.
Finally, the award of the Commendation and the Decoration for promoting the bilateral relationship were awarded by the Foreign Minister to the Ambassador.
The frame of the etching depicting the old town of Tallinn (the Ambassador’s favorite), carved with the names of the Foreign Minister and the Ambassador, and the book of an Estonian fantasy, “Mees, kes teadis ussisõnu (the Man Who Spoke Snakish)” (Japanese text) were also presented to the Ambassador.
The photo session followed, and the ceremony finished in such a friendly manner.
The Ambassador’s period of 2 years and 1 month was too short, and he feels it even shorter because of the various restrictions caused by COVID19.
During his period, the Estonian Foreign Ministry, led by the Foreign Minister, so well cooperating with the other Ministries and Agencies, has always given its utmost support to the Ambassador.
He would like to express his sincerest gratitude!
Indeed, the Estonian Foreign Ministry has made him determined to continue to be a friend of Estonia for good.
He left the Foreign Ministry, which is full of wonderful and exciting memories.